Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do l need to make an appointment or walk in’s accepted? 

We work on appointments and do accept walk ins when slots are available. We recommend that you call, WhatsApp, Email or Dm to schedule your appointment.


2. How long does the lash installation take?

The process can take 1 hour-1hour 15mins.


(3) Is the application painful?

The process is very pain free, relaxing and peaceful, most clients end up sleeping.


4. Will the eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

When taken proper care of your natural eyelashes will not result in any damages. Always avoid anytugging and pulling of your eyelashes as well as try to avoid sleeping on your new lashes.


5. My eyelashes are falling out falling out is it normal?

It’s perfectly normal, you can shed 1-5 lashes per day per eye based on your hair cycle and your eyelash will shed with your natural lashes.


6. How long will my lash extensions last?

Anywhere from 2-4 weeks on average however it will depend take care of them.


7. Can l make my eyelashes last longer?

We recommend avoiding any water, heat, steam contact for the first 24 hours after they are installed. Don’t use any oil-based products on your eyes or use makeup wipes. Avoid excessive pulling or rubbing of your eyelash extensions as well. In order to keep them looking full, schedule your fill in appointments every 2-3 weeks.


8. Do l need lash fills to keep them full?

To avoid your lashes looking patchy as they grow out, we recommend that you fill after every 2-3weeks to achieve the uniformity.


9. Can l wear make-up and mascara?

Sure, you can! If you are going to use mascara, make sure it is water based.


10. Can l get lashes with eye contacts?

 Absolutely, you can always remove your lenses before your service as your eyes may get irritated when you have your eyes closed for a longer period.



11. Can i get a fix or a fill on the work done somewhere else?

We cannot do fixes or fills on someone else’s work. We can gladly soak them off and install a fresh set.