Eye Lashes

Eye Lashes

Want a look that will speak for itself? Coollook Beauty is your destination for semi-permanent eyelash extensions, Lash lift & perm. We offer a wide range of services, including eyelash extensions, refills, threading and more. Visit Coollook Beauty for a rejuvenation experience from the inside out. Our technicians are professionally trained to evaluate your facial features and recommend treatments that will enhance your look on a schedule that works for you.


Individual /Classic Eyelash Extension

Also know as individual eyelash extensions/Classic Lashes they are applied one on one on natural eyelashes to give you a classy and natural look.


2 week fill – R270
3 week fill – R335
bottom lashes on request – R250

Lash lift & Perm

Also know as lash perm. It enhances the appearance of the natural lashes. A perming solution is applied on the natural lashes while natural lashes are wrapped around a desired lash curling tool. The perm is de-activated and removed and your natural lashes retain the curl for up to 4-6weeks.Lash lift does not change the length or thickness of the natural lashes .As it stretches out curled lashes and gives an impression that they are longer


Hot Eyelash Extensions

These are the best of both worlds. They are a combination of 50% Fame and 50% Glam. We use individual and 3D fans to give you a fuller look compared to Fame but they are not dramatic.


2 week fill – R330
3 week fill – R450

Glam Eyelash Extension

Also know as Russian Lashes/Volume Lashes. These are for your red carpet moments. They are fluffier, fuller and softer. They come in 3Ds and 5Ds. You get maximum volume with this set or extreme volume.


2 week fill –R450
3 week fill – R680

Rainbow classic lashes

These bring colour to the look.

They are 80% Fame mixed with 20% coloured eyelash extensions.


2 week fill –R330
3 week fill – R450

Lash Removal